Please see the district allergy memo for more guidance on what is allowed in our student classrooms.

Administrative Allergy Memo

Are you a parent or teacher who would like to order something from the school cafeteria for your student classroom?

Did you know that you can order inexpensive, allergen-checked, smart snack-compliant snacks for your classroom celebration from the convenience of your computer?  The nutrition department knows how confusing it can be to want to let your classroom have snacks for a fun event but be unsure of what food is safe and also compliant with USDA regulations.  The nutrition department tries to simplify this process through our catering order form online where we have pre-approved snacks for sale marginally above cost that can be delivered right to your classroom, and are safe and compliant.


The link to our catering page is below.  Refer to – Classroom Food Orders - and the instruction sheet  - Classroom Food Order InstructionsFor more information on how to order.  

Red Clay Cafe Catering


If you wish to see a list of snacks available in grocery and retail stores please use the below list approved by the nutrition department. This list should be used with caution and is not meant to substitute for reading ingredient labels to confirm allergens.

Snacks for the Classroom