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Here at Red Clay Nutrition Services, our goal is to provide a large variety of healthy options so there is a nutritious meal for every taste preference.   Each day, we offer a choice of a hot entrée, along with at least two varieties of sandwiches, and an entrée salad.  Every meal we serve is well balanced, including a fruit, vegetable, low fat dairy product, lean protein source, and whole grains to provide an array of vitamins and minerals along with great taste! 

The meals served in the school cafeteria meet nutritional standards established by the USDA.  The nutrition standards have undergone significant changes.  To learn more about these changes, please refer to the document below titled:  Fact Sheet for Parents on New Meal Patterns. On a weekly average, our menus are required to provide less than 30% of calories from fat and less than 10% of calories from saturated fat.  However, Red Clay nutrition services does not stop there!  Each day, we offer whole grain products, fresh fruits & raw veggies, in addition to a cooked vegetable and canned fruit (packed in fruit juice), freshly made salads, fat free and 1% milk products, and so much more! 

To learn more about what is being served daily in the cafeteria, along with nutrition education and more, check out the link above to get calorie and nutrient information as well as allergy information for Red Clay Foods.

Red Clay Nutrition Services also offers specialty menus for children with food allergies.  If your child has a food allergy that interferes with their participation in the school lunch program, please refer to our Food Allergy Policy below for more information.

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