Our Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. Key areas include:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.

Please visit the Making Kids Healthy website sponsored by Nemours Health & Prevention Services to learn more about one of Delaware's Partners for Wellness.

To view Red Clay's Wellness policy click here

To view Red Clay's Wellness plan click here

Visit the District's Wellness Page for Parent Resources click here

Click here to view a list of healthy snacks that can be brought into the classroom for healthy celebrations

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING WHAT SNACKS ARE O.K. TO BRING INTO THE CLASSROOM AND ABIDE BY THE DISTRICT'S WELLNESS GUIDELINES?  Use this FOOD PRODUCT CALCULATOR  to determine if your snack food meet District wellness guidelines. (remember to always bring in snacks with a food label or that are whole fruits and vegetables that have not been altered in any way at home as per district allergy policy).

You may order healthy snacks at any time from your school cafeteria.  Please just call you cafeteria manager for your school (see Staff Page).

To get involved with Red Clay School District School Wellness Committee please email [email protected]